We are halfway through a backflip with our legs in the air building a new website.

But until we find a sensational landing, here is some quick information about us. 

​Backflip who?

Backflip is a creative agency that offers design and creative solutions in the fields of branding & communication, print & packaging, stage & film production, art for interiors, etc for individuals, businesses and corporates. Our backflippers come with years of experience working with corporate clients like Accenture, Wipro, GE, SAP and others. 

Our approach

When it comes to cracking a brief, we don’t just stand tall, sit upright or lie on our backs. We do a backflip, sometimes with a cartwheel and a somersault, to find the most exciting solution. We strive to think unrestricted and explore the unimagined. ​

Founder & Creative Director

Sona Harris

Sona’s artistic pursuit began when she picked up her first paintbrush at just 6. She believes aesthetics play a key role in well being both at the individual and organisational level. Sona carried this philosophy with her through the decade she spent running the creative wing at an event company she co-founded. Though she studied design formally at Parsons New York, being mostly self taught makes her unrestricted by conventional rules. Sona’s designs carry a slice of her personality in them - a blend of the eclectic that borders on bizarre, yet manages to stay intelligent, real and mindful. When she's not putting brush to surface, you'll find her feeding on conversation and coffee at cafes, watching the sun and waves at beaches or visiting museums somewhere in Europe.

Also, she is a contemporary dancer. She can actually do a backflip. For shiz.